From 1995 to 2010 Rasmus Halfdan Breck was partner and chief of design at CPHdesign. Together with a wide staff of designers, engineers and workshop staff, a range of great projects was developed. We called it a design-driven engineer company.

Selected project: Rampsnake.

System for loading and unloading of aircraft.
Customer: SAS
Year 1998-2003.

Rampsnake is a flexible transport system for loading and unloading of aircraft. The Rampsnake project was one of the first big real user-driven projects in Denmark involving nearby all actors.

Loading and unloading an aircraft is a demanding job, where handlers carry baggage weighing up to 40 kg in the low confines of the planes cargo hold. The RampSnake, made up of a series of modules with two motorised rollers driving a conveyor belt, is a flexible transportation system enabling the operator to load and unload freight with minimal physical strain. In addition to reducing the daily physical load by up to 80%, RampSnake makes it possible to load planes 20% faster.

Selected project: Empticon.

Device for onloading standard containers.
Year 2005.
Customer: Uniyeor

Most consumer products come from the Far East in shipping containers, where goods are stacked from floor to roof, but emptying unpalletised goods from shipping containers involves manual and strenuous work. EmptiCon simultaneously prevents back-strain and improves workplace conditions. When unloading containers, the Empticon operator controls the movement of flexible and folding conveyer modules from a joy stick-equipped platform.

Selected project: On Board Trader.

Devices for inflight payment.
Year 1998-2016.
Customer: Canon / Dataflight

Multiple solutions for different terminal types, holders, manuals. Through nearly 18 years we designed and constructed solutions for the Danish (Canon owned) company Dataflight.

Selected project: Lamps

For the main street of Birkerød, Denmark.
Year 2005
Customer: On The Spot.

Lamps developed with the use of glass fiber piping technic normally used underground. This technic reduced the thickness of the up 7 meters long metal tubes and made a stable, transparent and waterproff inner core. Lamps still in place (2020) at Birkerød, DK.